INTRODUCING ... Mary Washington Sophomore Swimming Sensation Sarah Crockett
INTRODUCING ... Mary Washington Sophomore Swimming Sensation Sarah Crockett

Mary Washington sophomore swimming sensation Sarah Crockett, the 2008 Capital Athletic Conference Women's Swimming Rookie of the Year, is this week's INTRODUCING ... featured student-athlete.

Crockett will try to lead Mary Washington to its 19th-straight championship at the 2009 CAC Championships, scheduled for Feb. 13-15 at St. Mary's College (Md.).

What is your background in the sport you play?  I started swimming when I was 12.  I went to a swim meet to watch my younger brother swim.  I thought it looked like fun so I decided to join the team, and I've been hooked every since.

What is your favorite spot on campus?
I love being in my dorm room because it's always relaxing.  A lot of my friends are in my dorm so everyone is always close by.  Also, my dorm is close to the pool. And McDonalds.

Other than your team, what organization(s) do you participate in? 
I'm a member of the UMW Honor Council. I really enjoy being a part of the honor system because upholding honor in our community is what makes UMW special.

What is the most important societal issue facing college students?
The economy today is making it difficult for recent graduates to find work in the current job market.

What is your major in college, and what is the most important thing you learned in that discipline? 
I'm currently undeclared and am deciding between history and business.

Other than your family members, who was the most influential person in your life?
My first swim coach Steve Hennessy has always been a huge influence on my swimming and on my life. His constant support and encouragement have been invaluable to my swimming. Even as I've transitioned into collegiate swimming, calling him always gives me a boost of confidence.

If you could give one piece of advice to elementary school children, what would that advice be?
Always strive for your best and understand that's all you can expect from yourself. You can't compare yourself to anyone but you.

What is your favorite form of entertainment? Anything entertains me really, but I love just watching movies and hanging out with my friends.

Outside of the Capital Athletic Conference, who or what is your favorite sports person or team? 
Washington Redskins - Super Bowl Champs in 2010!

Name three (3) people, real or fictional, living or dead,that you'd like to have dinner with. 
Jason Campbell
, quarterback for the Redskins. He's my future husband so we should probably eat dinner before the wedding. 
My grandfather, because I never got a chance to meet him as he died before I was born. 
Ben Franklin because he's my favorite person from history.