D3Week Profiles: Frostburg State SAAC Board Shares Why They Chose Division III
D3Week Profiles: Frostburg State SAAC Board Shares Why They Chose Division III

The seven members of the Frostburg State Student Athlete Advisory Committe (SAAC) board have shared why they chose to attend a Division III school and play collegiate sports at the DIII level.

"Being a Division III student-athlete allows me to represent my school both on and off the court. It provides a competitive atmosphere in which I am able to focus on my education while continuing to pursue my athletic goals with the support of my teammates who share the same passion and dedication for the sport that I do. I am truly proud to participate in an organization that understands what it really means to be a student first and an athlete second."
- Aimee Petrides, President, Junior, Volleyball

"Being a Division III student-athlete means having a support system through everything. It is truly unlike any other experience I have ever had in my life. I love how much being out on the field with my teammates can change my mood!"
- Molly Hart, VP of Administration, Sophomore, Women's Lacrosse

"Being a D3 athlete means playing the sport you love to play because you love to play it and not because you are getting a scholarship for it. I am proud to be a D3 athlete because I have created a family with my team because we all are playing our sport because we love it and at the same time we push each other to excel in the classroom."
- Ashley Johnson, VP of Communications, Junior, Field Hockey

"Being a Division III athlete means to me, that we all have a certain level of dedication and passion for our sports to carry on the hard work it takes to play at the next level--without monetary gains--while managing to work hard in the classroom because we know we are students before athletes."

"I am proud to be a part of Division III because it sets a certain standard for its student-athletes and all of the athletes are here to play solely for the love of their sport."
- Jackie Gover, VP of Community Service, Sophomore, Field Hockey

"To me, being a DIII athlete means that not only do I get to play the sport I love with great teammates, but I also get to focus on working hard in school."
- Paige Gray, VP of Event Planning, Junior, Women's Soccer

"For me, being a DIII athlete means having the devotion and fire to pursue your own personal greatness beyond high school. It’s giving your blood, sweat, and tears for the sports that you love. But those feelings don’t just stop on the field, they carry to the classrooms. After everything, we are students first, and athletes second."
- Patrick Broussol, Assistant to VP of Event Planning, Sophomore, Track & Field

"Division III fully understands the rigors of being a student-athlete. I am able to pursue all of my career goals, as well as play the sport that I love at a highly competitive level with all of my amazing teammates. For this, I am very proud and grateful to be a Division III athlete."
- Kayla Porter, VP of Legislation, Sophomore, Volleyball