Capital Athletic Conference Hosts NCAA Rules Seminar For Coaches
Capital Athletic Conference Hosts NCAA Rules Seminar For Coaches

The Capital Athletic Conference (CAC) hosted a rules seminar for more than 120 head coaches, assistant coaches, staff members, athletic trainers and institutional administrators Monday (12/8) at the Rockland Center at Stevenson University.

"It was excellent!" said Dr. Edward Hegmann, Director of Athletics and Recreation at the University of Mary Washington following the three-hour seminar - the first in the 19-year history of the CAC.

Each of the nine CAC member institutions were represented by 10 or more coaches, administrators and staff members.  Coaches from sports not sponsored by the CAC, for example football, were also encouraged to attend the session.

"Professional development opportunities like this seminar will only help all of us perform our jobs at a higher level," said Sean Sullivan, Assistant Dean of Athletics and Recreation at York College of Pa., and the current President of the CAC Board of Directors.

"NCAA compliance is a critical and vastly complex piece of the college sports experience.  Keeping up to date with the numerous Division III regulations is a significant challenge.  As a result, Monday's seminar only underscores the CAC's commitment to staff self-improvement and integrity based decision making at the institutional level. It was an important first for our conference, " Sullivan said.

Jeff Myers, of the NCAA Division III Membership Services Department, reviewed rules and interpretations covering recruiting, tryouts for student-athletes, camps, clinics, practice and playing seasons.  A significant portion of the presentation was dedicated to answering questions from the audience.

"There were some things I learned that coaches can and can not do that I've never really had to deal with as a sports information director," said Nairem Moran, Sports Information Director at St. Mary's College of Md.  "It was very positive learning experience.  I think Jeff's presentation and interpretations will help everybody in the CAC."

The idea for the rules seminar arose during the CAC Board of Director's meeting in June, when several Athletic Directors reported a positive learning experience after attending two-day rules seminars in Boston, Mass., and San Antonio, Texas.  

The Board of Directors decided it was appropriate to use some of the NCAA Division III Strategic Grant funding received annually to support the project.  The Board then strongly encouraged staff members to attend the informational session.  Myers developed the program with input from the CAC Board of Directors and the conference office.